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Do school secessions worsen racial segregation? It’s complicated  Brookings Institution

Richard Reeves and Nathan Joo look at whether school district secessions are leading to increase segregation.

Get Schooled on the History of Where 'Grease' Was Really Filmed

“You're going to be really surprised by the one I pick,” John Travolta said when I asked him which of his films he'd store in a time capsule. It was 1996, and I was ...

These Scenes from the National School Walkout Are Reason To Be Hopeful  Esquire

Thousands of students from schools across the country are staging a walkout Wednesday to protest the continued inaction from their elected leaders to prevent ...

Are We Setting a Generation Up for Failure? Part 1  National Review

An interview with Jonathan Haidt, co-author of The Coddling of the American Mind.

Florida High School State Series Preview and Links to Follow  SwimSwam

The 2017 Florida High School Athletic Association State Series kicks off this week, with the Class 1A and 2A district meets taking place from October 16-21.

Your Investments: Have your cake and eat it too  The Jerusalem Post

When sitting with prospective clients, I ask them about the level of risk that they would be comfortable with. Inevitably the answer that is given is that they want ...

NYU president Hamilton – Is this how you support justice?  The Jerusalem Post

SJP has worked immensely hard each year to demonstrate their anti-Israel hatred, sometimes even violently, in more ways than one.

Climbing the 49 step ladder, Spiritual and material wealth  The Jerusalem Post

So, we have made it into the 40's in our count to 49.

‘Deal of the Century’ and the choosy beggars  The Jerusalem Post

The Palestinians are beggars, you could even say professional beggars.

Looking at the Moon from Jerusalem on April 11  The Jerusalem Post

Was the SpaceIL Beresheet Moon mission a success? Yes. On a scale of 1-10, we would give it an eight.

‘The State of Things’  The Jerusalem Post

Israeli choreographers bring local tensions and pleasures to the stage in a significant manner.

Europe’s far Right is blocked, for now; Israel should help this continue  The Jerusalem Post

Despite its growing power and entrenchment, the European far Right was not as successful in the European Parliament elections as it hoped.

Joel Pratt | Obituaries |  Quad City Times

August 28, 1945 - July 6, 2018. BLUE GRASS - Joel Patrick Pratt, 72, of Blue Grass, Iowa, passed away Friday, July 6, 2018, at University of Iowa Hospitals and ...

Know Comment: Invest in your Israeli wine palate  The Jerusalem Post

After 2000 years of desolation and neglect, the Land of Israel is again giving forth glorious fruit to its returning indigenous people.

The art of Tikkun Olam: Creating to heal the world  The Jerusalem Post

The core Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, or “healing the world,” stems from the understanding that the world is a fractured place and it is the mission of every ...

Fight foreign subversion in east Jerusalem  The Jerusalem Post

Koren: “The struggle for sovereignty in Jerusalem has transitioned from 'Jerusalem on High' – meaning, high-powered political summits in Oslo and Annapolis, ...

Know Comment: Liberman’s cynical use of draft issue to torment Netanyahu  The Jerusalem Post

This was not a “struggle for the character, identity and direction of the country,” as some over-enthusiastic Liberman-supporters blathered. It was not a “struggle ...

MEDIA COMMENT: Is Netanyahu getting fair coverage from the press?  The Jerusalem Post

We might just shrug our shoulders and consider this as just another attempt by Ynet to “generate traffic.” Much worse is the conclusion that Ynet cannot be ...

The Israeli spirit  The Jerusalem Post

This year's theme is “Saluting the Israeli spirit” and the torch lighters personify those “who have overcome difficulties against all odds.”

Defending irrational phobias by rational means  The Jerusalem Post

'L'ennemi est bête: il croit que c'est nous l'ennemi alors que c'est lui.” The enemy is stupid: he believes we are the enemy, while the truth is that he is. – Pierre ...

No reason to fear PA economic collapse  The Jerusalem Post

Abbas will soon be facing the “deal of the century” proposed by an American administration that is very critical of Palestinian policies.

From Russia – with love  The Jerusalem Post

We brought with us then items that could assist the refuseniks in their struggle – religious objects, books on Judaism, Hebrew primers, small amounts of money ...

Your Investments: Joint bank account for married couples?  The Jerusalem Post

I impolitely told her that I was appalled at the idea and it's a recipe for marital disaster. I said it's indicative of a much deeper communication problem.

Autonomy in preventing the ‘aguna’ problem  The Jerusalem Post

For decades Orthodox laypeople have turned to the rabbinical establishment, demanding a solution to the problem of the aguna – the Jewish woman chained to ...

Oud master Yinon Muallem comes ‘Back Home’  The Jerusalem Post

Muallem sees Back Home as another link in his unfurling chain of eclectic documented work, although noting that the new release represents a significant ...

The battered person syndrome  The Jerusalem Post

In the aftermath of the current election campaign, we think it quite appropriate to apply this description to those things, among others, from which Israel's media ...

Your Investments: Investors beware - the allure of the unicorn  The Jerusalem Post

The minute that you bring a unicorn into a story, you know that it's a fairy tale or a fable, because unicorns don't exist as animals. They exist as fantasy creatures.

Your Investments: 10 financial commandments for wealth building  The Jerusalem Post

Building wealth is a similar ongoing process. It doesn't happen with one action, rather it takes daily discipline and fortitude to stay the course over the long term.

The role of the state comptroller  The Jerusalem Post

The state comptroller's job is far-reaching and his audit ultimately covers more than 1400 organizations.

Israel-Diaspora relations: We must build bridges over troubled water  The Jerusalem Post

"The whole political system in Israel must recognize the importance of this bond and the need for mutual respect and recognition between what we may see as ...

Grapevine: What a difference a day made  The Jerusalem Post

SIXTY YEARS ago, Maria Grever and Stanley Adams wrote a song that begins “What a difference a day made, 24 little hours…” This week those two lines were ...

The best books of 2018  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

So here is my admittedly narrow list of best books of the last year, published in either English or Hebrew.

The hidden ‘rut’ of redemption  The Jerusalem Post

While Ruth is indeed impressive and inspirational, she is not the true heroine of this book; that honor is reserved for Naomi.

MEDIA COMMENT: The end does not justify the means  The Jerusalem Post

We can only presume that for Haaretz, Shaked is to be pilloried, shamed and despised in its pages, or what Galtung calls negative journalism.

Know Comment: Celebrating Torah culture  The Jerusalem Post

It's hard to get a word in this week that doesn't reference Eurovision. The international song contest in Tel Aviv is a super big deal for many Israelis, marked by ...

The inbreeding of the exiles  The Jerusalem Post

More than once, while conjugating Hebrew verbs in one of the many ulpan classes I had to take, I fantasized about marrying my bubbly, energetic, exotic-looking ...

Israel’s election results show broad consensus on diplomatic and defense  The Jerusalem Post

In fact, beyond the harsh rhetoric, one can discern a broad consensus in Israel for the outgoing government's actual diplomatic and defense policies.

Know Comment: Ten comments on our crazy election campaign  The Jerusalem Post

In 2015, the Zionist Union campaign slogan was “Just not Bibi.” (The party was led by Bougie Herzog and Tzipi Livni, who are now out of politics, and the party ...

My Word: Code Pink crosses a redline in Iran  The Jerusalem Post

The organization, which proclaims to be “a women-led grassroots organization working to end US wars and militarism [and] support peace and human rights ...

The liberal Left and world chaos  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

The US once looked to the shah of Iran to support Western economic stability, and the shah relied on the US to help implement his vision for Iran's future.

Who is a Jew in the Jewish state?  The Jerusalem Post

Israel's increasingly extremist religious authorities have, in recent years, rejected the Jewish identities of almost a half-million immigrants to Israel.

May 15, 2019: Poisoning minds  The Jerusalem Post

Poisoning minds. Regarding “Breaking the Silence offers Eurovision visitors tour of Hebron” (May 12), it is hard to imagine an organization that does more to ...

Add a democratic layer to the Israeli-Hellenic partnership  The Jerusalem Post

The countries also engage in close cooperation in intelligence and security matters. Israeli forces train now regularly in Greece and Cyprus as part of an ...

Know comment: Gantz's first big mistakes  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

There are three things very wrong with Gantz's ads.

In Plain Language: An Israeli-Palestinian primer  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

Some months ago, while leading a tour in Vienna, I came across a group of BDS people (BDS standing for “Bullies Demonstrating Stupidity”) who were ...

Life, Life, Life: Dancing without dizziness  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

Vertigo Dance Company is much more than just contemporary dance.

The 1973 War: Comparing the Hebrew and Arabic Wikipedia entries  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

Nearly a half-century later, it is important to note how the war is remembered and understood by the chief protagonists.

July 2015: Care for sailor who died after Great Lakes collapse marked by missteps: reports  Chicago Tribune

Records: Great Lakes sailor died of heart failure after going nearly 10 minutes without CPR; federal reviews find missteps in sailor's care.

Scott Wannberg, vivid poet inspired by Beats, dies  San Francisco Chronicle

Mr. Wannberg, whose garrulous personality and bearish build cast a huge shadow over the Los Angeles poetry scene for decades, died Friday at his home in ...

KTLA news anchor Rick Chambers speaks to journalism students  Los Angeles Times

Journalism students were surprised to learn about the consequences news anchors face, including being suspended, if they say something inappropriate while ...

The fall of Dera’a  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

The Dera'a rebels had no air power, precious little artillery and armor, and no international support, against an enemy possessing all these resources.

The Oslo process – 25 years on  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

The abject failure of the Oslo Accords has had a salutary effect on Israeli society. Israelis are today quite resilient, ready to endure – if necessary – protracted ...

California politics news feed  Los Angeles Times

This is Essential Politics, our in-the-moment look at California political and government news. Sign up for our free newsletter for analysis and more, and ...

MLB Draft 2013: Red Sox sign Nick Longhi for $440,000  Over The Monster

Boston uses some of their excess budget on a player who wasn't expected to sign.

Poland and the Holocaust  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

You Jews love money,” the teacher answered matter- of-factly. She didn't mean to be offensive. After all, she had been in Israel.

Nefesh B'Nefesh names outstanding Anglo Olim for Bonei Zion Prize  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

English-speaking immigrants to Israel were awarded prized in advocacy, culture and leadership.

Chicago Bears announce 2018 Training Camp Schedule

The Bears will conduct training camp from July 21 through Aug. 11 at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, where fans will be able to watch practice and ...

A FOUNDATION FOR LIFE Jewish high school students from the Diaspora find their feet in Israel By Darryl Egnal  Jerusalem Post

California teenager, Aviv Gadi, will graduate from high school next June, but not from the school she attended in Los Angeles.

Why Israel needs to prepare America for the upcoming conflict in Syria  The Jerusalem Post

Israel successfully destroyed a Syrian nuclear facility, so it is no stretch of the imagination to believe Israel would act again if its intelligence detected Iranian ...

Know comment: four political sons  The Jerusalem Post mobile website

These four archetypes uncannily correspond to four models of political engagement with Israel today.

How Nuseir Yassin's latest video sheds light on BDS absurdity  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

There are millions of well-intentioned Americans and Europeans searching for a cause but who lack even an elementary grasp of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rabbinical vs personal converts to Judaism: What’s the difference?  Jerusalem Post Israel News

These two types of converts display different profiles and patterns of Jewish engagement, and both differ from the 5.1 million individuals who were born Jewish.

The Chicago Bear’s Den, June 4, 2018  Windy City Gridiron

It's Veteran's Mini-Camp week at Halas Hall in Chicago, the fourth consecutive week of offseason team work.

Victory garden movement showing real growth  San Francisco Chronicle

During World War II, "victory gardens" planted at the behest of the federal government helped Americans cope with food shortages. [...] in a fractured economic ...

New Jew?  Jerusalem Post Israel News

How Israel redefined the contours of Jewish identity.

To whom it may concern – an open letter to Facebook  Jerusalem Post Israel News

There cannot be one standard for those who support the land being called Israel and a different standard for those who support the land being called Palestine.

Cry, Argentina, cry  Jerusalem Post Israel News

The Argentinians like to say that their country has been robbed and looted for hundreds of years, and there's still a lot left to steal. Argentina is a vast country, rich ...

Cultural Prism: Killing Israeli general aviation  Jerusalem Post Israel News

100 years ago, there was a better understanding here of the importance of aviation to the prosperity of a modern society.

In Plain Language: In praise of the Palestinians  Jerusalem Post Israel News

Most people today don't read past the headlines – most of which are skewed – and follow and swallow whole the media bias that pollutes the news.

Who Invented "Palestine?" HADRIAN!  Jerusalem Post Israel News

This was first posted on my blog Shiloh Musings, and all of the photos were taken by me, Batya Medad. Who Invented "Palestine?" HADRIAN!

Why there is no Palestine  Jerusalem Post

When will there be a state of Palestine? When the Palestinians' desire to create their own state is greater than their desire to destroy Israel.

iEngage: The meaningful quiet of Yom Kippur in Israel  Jerusalem Post

Even on the Day of Atonement, no single sense of 'Torah' can safeguard the adistinctive needs and wishes of such a pluralistic society.

Knights of Malta  Jerusalem Post

What happened to the Knights of the Order of St. John the Baptist after they were forced to leave Jerusalem.

Robin Williams – and us  Jerusalem Post

From the moment he burst on the scene, he displayed an awesome ability to evoke the deepest feelings and sentiments from his audience.

In Plain Language: The Jewish fantasy league  Jerusalem Post

American Jewry is paying the price one of its fantasies: The belief that Americanization was the key to successfully graduating from Old Country to New World.

‘3 reasons to make aliyah ... and stay’  Jerusalem Post

With the daily grind of life here, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what make Israel so special.

Discontenting sexual content  Jerusalem Post

Popular, mainstream Web portals in Israel display an inferior collection of sleazy, trashy, detrimental and shameful *content*, aimed at the lowest common ...

Narrowing the gap between American and Israeli Jews  Jerusalem Post

To ensure that American and Israeli Jews remain one people, we as Americans must strengthen our bond with Israel.

Grapevine: When insults lead to injury  Jerusalem Post Israel News

Baratz not only publicly insulted the president of Israel by mocking his importance, but also made fun of the fact that the president sat in economy class on a ...

In Plain Language: A tale of two converts  Jerusalem Post

Shavuot commemorates the most cataclysmic moment in our history – the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.

In Plain Language: Who is a ‘good’ Jew?  Jerusalem Post

For the last several years, one of the hottest topics in the Jewish world has been “Who is a Jew?” The debate over this issue – which spills over into the ...

‘Wanted’ on International Aguna Day  Jerusalem Post

Rabbinic courts have several tools at their disposal to force a recalcitrant husband to divorce his wife. So why is the problem still so rampant?

Top 5 things you can't miss on your next spontaneous trip to Israel  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

We've got the hottest spots in Israel to make your vacation a once in a lifetime experience you'll just have to tell all your friends about.

Setting the record straight about Rav Eliezer Berland  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

With all the talk of Rav Berland's imminent return to the Holy Land, the slanderous talk has unfortunately also returned with a vengeance. In some ways, I can ...

Pessah: The Jewish Thanksgiving  Jerusalem Post

Seder matza is not as sweet as Thanksgiving cranberry sauce and Turkey, but its taste of freedom and Jewish miracles is the same.

Real Israel: The Druse and the Jews  Jerusalem Post

A trip to two villages on the Carmel mountains offers a look at a little-known world.

The lessons of Camp David II  Jerusalem Post

In a scene from the American movie, The Insider, the Christopher Plummer character explains to his colleague the circumstances behind a decision that the ...

Catholic-Jewish dialogue – a new era  Jerusalem Post

We have moved from persecution to partnership, from confrontation to cooperation, from helplessness to hope.


For the first time ever, Cantors Avi Albrecht and Benjamin Warschawski, major lights of both the cantorial world and the music world in general, will appear ...

Oded Eran  The Jerusalem Post

Oded Eran, a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), served as director of INSS from July 2008 to November 2011, following a ...

Israel travel: Airbnb vs hotels  Jerusalem Post

As the founder of a startup, I have traveled a lot for work and often searched for deals or debated where to stay. A friend and I have a running argument about ...

Barbara Sofer  The Jerusalem Post mobile website

Barbara Sofer is a prize-winning journalist and author who lives in Jerusalem and lectures frequently to Jewish and general audiences. She speaks about Israel, ...

Street Stroll: Rehov Klausner - Local Israel  Jerusalem Post

Some time after renowned historian Prof. Yosef Klausner departed this world, the Talpiot street on which he had lived was renamed in his honor. One of the ...

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